“Uninterrupted” Words of Wisdom

My kids returned to school today –  a day mixed with joy and sadness.  I waved good bye as they left and ran in the house and cried for at least 15 minutes, missing them terribly (I do this every year).  I tried to busy myself by straightening the family room from the evening before, cleaning up breakfast dishes, and picking up shoes on the laundry room floor, but then I realized the beauty of the silence.  There was a faint familiarity about it – I remember a time a few months back (I’d say May or early June) when I experienced this thing called ‘silence’.  I started to smile and feel good.  Then, I sat down and had a quiet and UNINTERRUPTED breakfast, read the newspaper front to back UNINTERRUPTED, then took a long hot shower, cleaned out the first floor closet, responded to 5 Emails, and had most of my day semi planned on paper – all without speaking a word to anyone – no yelling, reasoning, compromising, thinking, juggling, discussing, screaming, mumbling, or begging…all before 9 am!!!  Now I call that one heck of a good start to a great day – no more tear for me!


Enjoy and love your kids but don’t forget to savor the silence when you can.



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