The Good Eats Diva Story

I am a mom, wife, housekeeper, cook, grill master (in-training), chafferer, presentation specialist, public speaker, girlfriend, degreed architect, teacher, chef, caterer, baker, author, organizer.  Most importantly, I am Italian and embrace it; love my heritage!

After 14 successful years of catering and baking for coffee houses in Greater Lansing and Ann Arbor, I took a break to focus on my family and write and publish 2 cookbooks. Knowing that my biscotti and other baked goods are legendary and so dearly missed, I am excited to be back in business doing what I love to do – make fabulous hand crafted eats for those who want and appreciate the real thing!

I am very fortunate to have spent a lot of my childhood with both sets of grandparents, who came from Italy to America in the 1920’s. I cherished every minute with them and still remember the many great times together. Whether we were making sausage, cannoli, pasta, wine, canning tomatoes or celebrating a feast day, they always took food preparation very seriously and made sure I knew the history and meaning behind everything we made together. The many stories they shared with me I now share with my children while passing down the recipes by touch, feel and taste. I thank God everyday I was born Italian and will die an Italian. I love my family!

Yes, I call myself a food snob and proud of it.

No, I haven’t tasted every kind of food on the planet and don’t plan too. I’ll leave that up to those crazy people like Anthony and such on the Food Network to do that for me while I watch them at the gym while I’m on the treadmill running off the last few calories from the night before…

Yes, I can irritate some people with my comments and suggestions. Especially when I’m in an Italian restaurant and I correct the waiter when he/she pronounces marinara “merry-nera”, or when they say biscotti “bizz-goaty” or “biz-cot-ie” You see, I’m Italian, and it really bothers me when a so called “Italian” restaurant serves so called “Italian” food and pours so called “Italian” wine and they don’t have a clue what they are doing, saying or serving!