The Good Eats Diva Story

I am a mom, wife, housekeeper, cook, grill master (in-training), chafferer, presentation specialist, public speaker, girlfriend, degreed architect, teacher, chef, caterer, baker, author, organizer.  Most importantly, I am Italian and embrace it; I love my heritage!

After 14 successful years of catering and baking for coffee houses in Greater Lansing and Ann Arbor, I took a break to focus on my family and write and publish 2 cookbooks. Knowing that my biscotti and other baked goods are legendary and so dearly missed, I am excited to be back in business doing what I love to do – make fabulous hand crafted eats for those who want and appreciate the real thing!

I am very fortunate to have spent a lot of my childhood with both sets of grandparents, who came from Italy to America in the 1920’s. I cherished every minute with them and still remember the many great times together. Whether we were making sausage, cannoli, pasta, wine, canning tomatoes or celebrating a feast day, they always took food preparation very seriously and made sure I knew the history and meaning behind everything we made together. The many stories they shared with me I now share with my children while passing down the recipes by touch, feel and taste. I thank God everyday I was born Italian and will die an Italian. I love my family!