Specialty Biscotti and Italian/European Favorites

Note: Not all specialty baked goods are listed. Some items are seasonal.

Items available for order (some seasonal); pickup at Diva Cafe, additional price for delivery.


Cantuccini Traditional Almond-quintessential tuscan  7./bag

Cantuccini Sicilian Orange Chocolate Chip-lovely orange finish  7./bag

French Chocolate Rye-A rich French cookie made with rye flour and sprinkled with mediterranean sea salt  15./doz

Lemon Rosemary Olive Oil Biscotti (v)-Excellent drop style cookie with a mouthful of flavor  15./doz

Garam Masala Bacchetta-Indian spices, buttery, rich  12./doz

Lemon Ricotta Cookies-lemon, rich, frosted, large, soft  36./doz

Taralucci (Lemon Knots)-soft, glazed, kid friendly, classic Italian  15./doz

Orange Anise-lovely citrus and anise flavored soft cutout style biscotti. Glazed. Seasonal order available.  15./doz

Items below are rotated through our daily offerings counter. Typically available on a first come/first served basis; pickup at Diva Cafe. Some items below are available for order during holiday season. Call for details.


Biscotti Regina-rolled in sesame seeds with orange zest finish

Rugelach-flaky eastern european pastry, walnuts, raisins, cinnamon

Baci di Dama-hazelnut shortbread kisses, chocolate, addictive

Linzertorte Bar-rich buttery pecan crust, fresh raspberry jam, pecan lattice crust

Toto-chocolate nut spice balls, dunkers

Amaretti (gf) – lovely cookie made with our house ground almond flour, egg whites and sugar

Pizzelle-classic anise, delicate

Sable-lovey french chocolate butter cookie