The Goods



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Almond Lemon Poppy – Tender crumb, almonds, natural lemon, poppy seeds, light sugar crust – mild and pleasant, perfect with tea

Anise – Lovely floral notes of anise in a rustic crunchy texture. Nice buttery finish. Fabulous with coffee or tea

Chocolate & Cream – Dark rich cocoa cookie with a soft crunchiness, laced with white chocolate – great with glass of white milk!

Cranberry Pistachio – Buttery, dense, rustic texture with roasted pistachios and dried cranberries. Great for dunking in tea or coffee. Very good with a cheese such as brie

Doppio Cioccolato – Rich, dark chocolate cookie, semi-sweet chocolate, almonds – compliments coffee, tea or red wine

Fig & Fennel – Fabulous combination of textures and flavor. Medium crunchiness and excellent with cheese and wine

Michigan Cherry Chocolate Chip – Dense, rustic and crunchy. Nice amount of dried Michigan cherries, chocolate and unique spices – compliments spiced coffee, hot chocolate, cold milk, beer

Moravian Ginger – Light crunchy texture with rich deep spices and a spicy ginger finish. Very good with tea, nutty beers and young cheese such as chèvre

Salted Caramel Chocolate Chip – Rich, buttery cookie with a soft crunchiness with a Mediterranean sea salt wash on top – dessert style biscotti, absolutely addicting!

Spiced Pumpkin Walnut – Crunchy but light with warm fall spices. Nice with coffee or tea

Walnut Chocolate Chip (Americano) – Chocolate chip coolie style with unique spices making this our first and most popular biscotti. A coffee house favorite

All products manufactured on equipment that uses nuts


Traditional Almond: The traditional biscotti originating in the city of Prato, Italy. It can be found in every window of every Pasticceria in Tuscany and many still call it Biscotti di Prato. My family recipe made without butter or oil, depends on simple ingredients including eggs, flour, sugar and almonds. All hand-made and kneaded, this cookie is the quintessential Tuscan delight! Crispy, very crunchy and screams “dunk me”. This cookie is perfect with coffee or dipped in Vin Santo to complete a magnificent Italian feast!

Sicilian Orange Chocolate Chip: Crunchy delicate little slices with semisweet chocolate bits and lovely tender notes of orange zest.  Very nice with tea, coffee or white wine.

Breakfast Items:

Muffins – Multiple selections throughout the week.

Tea Breads – Dense and rich pound cake-texture tea bread with fresh lemon and saturated with fresh lemon juices. Finished with a lemon sugar glaze – exceptional! Same dense rich pound cake-texture with pureed pumpkin, spices and plump raisins – fabulous!

Scones – Tall, large, handsome, Scottish style. Crunchy on the outside and barely sweet crumb on inside gently laced with white chocolate and Michigan blueberries or raspberries (when available) – exceptionally good

Savory Scones – Savory Cheddar Scallion – Biscuit texture with fresh slices of scallions, sharp cheddar cheese and a peppery finish.

Other Favorites:

Biscotti Regina – Lovely delicate cookie shaped in the traditional scroll. Ever so light orange zest with a coating of sesame seeds giving these cookies a lovely sweet and savory balance. Old family recipe hailing from Palermo Sicily

Rosemary Olive Oil Crackers – Great cracker that holds up well with rich cheeses such as Chèvre or Pecorino Toscana. Very nice to nibble on by themselves with red or white wine

Market Breakfast Bar – Organic puffed wheat, apricots, raisins, almonds, oats, flax seed held together peanut butter, honey and brown cane sugar. Ridiculously popular with those who travel by car or plane to distant places.

Diva’s Own Granola – Fabulous with yogurt, milk or as a snack. Sweetened with honey and fresh citrus juices. Loaded with whole oats, almonds and pecans and just the right amount of raisins. Slow roasted to develop deep toasted flavors.

Market Breakfast Bar – Organic puffed rice with apricots, raisins, almonds, oats, flax seed held together peanut butter, honey and brown cane sugar.

Pumpkin Roll – A moist spiced pumpkin sponge cake rolled around a sweet cream-cheese frosting. Tasty with a beautiful presentation (seasonal)!

Flourless Double Chocolate Torte – Rich, decadent and velvety smooth. Heaven in every mouthful. The perfect splurge after a magnificent meal!

Crowd Pleasers:

Biscottini Blossom Small – 25-30 pieces – Beautiful presentation in a circular bowl. Great for a small gathering!

Biscottini Blossom Bowl – 50-60 pieces – Beautiful presentation in a circular bowl. Great for a crowd!


Gift Ideas:

1-pound Gift Box – Choose up to 2 different flavors. Packaged in a kraft bakery box. Complete with red ribbon and gift card.

Diva Coffee Mug – Fun red ceramic mug with our signature Diva symbol. Perfect gift for the Diva in your life!

Diva Coffee Mug + 3 Biscotti – Diva mug filled with 3 large biscotti wrapped up with a pretty red ribbon!

Biscotti and other offerings are carefully weighed and packaged by hand always being generous. They are sealed in clear plastic bags to maintain freshness.

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