Good Eats Diva Biscotti Box in READY TO SHIP RED BOX




Diva Biscotti Variety Box – All boxed up in a READY-TO-SHIP RED BOX! Perfect sampler of our favorite styles of biscotti: 1 bag coffeehouse style large biscotti, cantuccini and biscotti regina! Comes complete with red ribbon and gift card.

Contents: 1 Cantuccini Traditional Almond, 1 Biscotti Regina, 1 8oz bag Biscotti; choose flavor below.

Almond Lemon Poppy – Tender crumb, almonds, natural lemon, poppy seeds, light sugar crust – mild and pleasant, perfect with tea

Anise – Lovely floral notes of anise in a rustic crunchy texture. Nice buttery finish. Fabulous with coffee or tea
Chocolate & Cream – Dark rich cocoa cookie with a soft crunchiness, laced with white chocolate – great with glass of white milk!
Cranberry Pistachio – Buttery, dense, rustic texture with roasted pistachios and dried cranberries. Great for dunking in tea or coffee. Very good with a cheese such as brie
Doppio Cioccolato – Rich, dark chocolate cookie, semi-sweet chocolate, almonds – compliments coffee, tea or red wine
Fig & Fennel – Fabulous combination of textures and flavor. Medium crunchiness and excellent with cheese and wine
Michigan Cherry Chocolate Chip – Dense, rustic and crunchy. Nice amount of dried Michigan cherries, chocolate and unique spices – compliments spiced coffee, hot chocolate, cold milk, beer
Moravian Ginger – Light crunchy texture with rich deep spices and a spicy ginger finish. Very good with tea, nutty beers and young cheese such as chèvre
Salted Caramel Chocolate Chip – Rich, buttery cookie with a soft crunchiness with a Mediterranean sea salt wash on top – dessert style biscotti, absolutely addicting!
Spiced Pumpkin Walnut – Crunchy but light with warm fall spices. Nice with coffee or tea
Walnut Chocolate Chip (Americano) – Chocolate chip coolie style with unique spices making this our first and most popular biscotti. A coffee house favorite
All products manufactured on equipment that uses nuts

Additional information

Weight 16 oz
Choose a Biscotti Flavor

Americano, Doppio Cioccolato Almond, Almond Lemon Poppy, Salted Caramel Chocolate Chip, Chocolate & Cream, Anise, Spiced Pumpkin Walnut, Cranberry Pistachio, Michigan Cherry Chocolate Chip, Moravian Ginger, Fig & Fennel


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