On a budget

Have you ever gone into the grocery store and buy a few bottle of wine and the cashier packs the bottles in one of those re-useable bags specifically designed to carry glass bottles?  Well, my local grocery store does this and I had accumulated a fair number of these bags (over a long period of time of course…) so I decided to bring them back and let others have the opportunity to use them.  Well, the cashier and the manager of the wine department refused to take them back stating that once the consumer uses them, it is against the law to re-use them for a new consumer.  Kind of like re-gifting being agains the law.

So I decided to be “Martha Stewart on a budget” (a nickname my sister gave me) and take the scissors to my bags.  I cut out all the sections within the bag except for one.  Now I have a stash of bags in my trunk that I use to run into the store and carry home a bottle of wine, a chunk of cheese, and a loaf of bread.  Oh yah, a bottle of cheap wine if Martha was wondering.


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