Independence Day Weekend

So our daughter was invited “Up-North” for the holiday weekend by her boyfriend. 

Side Note: Those of you not from Michigan; “Up-North” means any where north of Lansing/Detroit/Grand Rapids that is breezy, warm and sunny during the day, cool at night, close to water, sand, trees, grass, lake, stream, puddle, golf course, forest, or campsite.  Anywhere quiet and restful.

…The family owns a lovely cottage on Lake Huron, with long stretches of beach and beautiful sunsets.  She will have a great time!  On the other hand, my husband and son are getting all geared up to install a sprinkler system in our backyard this weekend.  They are so excited about the project.  Great father/son time! That leaves me contemplating exactly what to do with myself for two days.  I want to come up with something fun and exciting too!

I could wash the cars, sweep out the garage, shampoo the rugs, or clean out the spare room, but I have decided not to – not much fun.  I can start sorting through the hundreds of thousands (literally) of recipes that I have collect and have been given over the past 30 years – this is a great idea…the only problem is I get so wrapped up in the recipes…I drop everything and start cooking and then never finish the sorting (maybe I should lock my pantry first).

I can finish all the sewing projects I have piled up on top of my sewing machine…but who wants to be inside sewing when the weather is so beautiful?  I can finish one of the 3 blankets that I am crocheting…hmmm same problem…who wants to be covered with an afghan when the weather is 80 degrees and sunny?  Maybe I will dig out my water color set and try to paint the pictures I have been wanting to paint for at least 3 years now…the frames have been sitting in my closet that long- this is a viable option.

But wait! I just received a text from my girlfriend…she wants to go shopping, have lunch and/or meet for happy hour on Saturday- what a great idea!!!  Her husband is working all weekend and her kids are at camp.  Now this sounds like fun.

I got it…I will sort through my recipes early in the morning, make a trip to the farmers market and then make a few recipes to share over lunch with my girlfriend, do a bit of shopping and then have her over for a cold beverage afterward…then if I am lucky, my husband and son will order out pizza and rent a movie…and we will call it a day.  On Sunday, I just might take the “paint-by-number” set out and paint some masterpiece!

Thanks for listening and helping me sort out my Independence Day Schedule.  I will leave you with one of my silly ideas.  While shopping for S’more ingredients today I thought of a great alternative to the standard “recipe”.  I love peanut butter and chocolate, so instead of using Hershey chocolate bars in our S’mores, we will use Reese’s peanut butter cups instead – YUMMMM!!!!!  Try it – you will love it!!

Hope there is sparkle in your beverage this weekend! Happy 4th! Kathleen


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