I’m such a “mom”…I can read, but can I use an itouch?

I just recieved an itouch via my generous son, a few months ago.  My daughter and her boyfriend are having alot of fun with it, posting pictures and downloading applications.  The problem is that I have no idea how to use it!  I have an ipod and can navigate through my itunes account with just a bit of assistance from my kids, but this itouch is confusing.  It plays music (like my ipod), I have a shotgun app. (not my idea), bible app. (this helps when I am praying for my ineptness), I even have a calculator, but why do I feel so “i”-illiterate”?  …I can read, but I can’t seem do much else.  I must schedule a time with my son and get some lessons.  Do you think I would need to pay him for his time…I mean, this might be like a tutoring session!  More later! Kathleen


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One thought on “I’m such a “mom”…I can read, but can I use an itouch?
  1. ShawnPaige

    I think you should get him an iPad so that he will be able to train you on both devices. Just a thought…


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