Hello world…the food diva is here

Yes, I call myself a food snob and proud of it.

No, I haven’t tasted every kind of food on the planet and don’t plan too.  I’ll leave that up to those crazy people like Anthony and such on the Food Network to do that for me while I watch them at the gym while I’m on the treadmill running off the last few calories from the night before…

Yes, I can irritate some people with my comments and suggestions.  Especially when I’m in an Italian restaurant and I correct the waiter when he/she pronounces marinara “merry-nera”, or when they say biscotti “bizz-goaty” or “biz-cot-ie”  You see, I’m Italian, and it really bothers me when a so called “Italian” restaurant serves so called “Italian” food and pours so called “Italian” wine and they don’t have a clue what they are doing, saying or serving!

I am excited to get started on this blogging journey and hope you will travel with me through food, preparations, tidbits of info, history and general “Food” for thought discussions.

I’ll be “dishing-up” soon!



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