Garage Sale Saturday

It is 6 O’clock on a Saturday morning and I have been at this garage sale stuff for almost a week now!  Hauling “stuff” out of the basement, spare room, closets, bedrooms, workshop, backyard, storage closets, and attic, then finding enough tables to set this “stuff” on and pricing it all.  I have not had a garage sale in over 12 years so you can imaging the “stuff” we have collected here at the Hanna House!  I even recruited my daughter and her boyfriend to help  price it all.  At times this week, I have asked myself – “Who’s idea was this?”.  Then I remember it was all mine – ughh.

Well, I have done what I set out to do – make a few bucks to buy a new patio set and have a little spending money for our summer vacation…  But in the mean-time, my family has practically gone hungry since I was not available to make dinner this past week.  Don’t get me wrong – they are all very capable of preparing their own meals but not quite like what they are used to on a daily basis (not to mention their own busy schedules this past week).  Here is my solution: Pizza- I always have the number programmed into my cell phone and call when these types of emergencies occur.  This is one recipe I can’t prints…since my pizza number might be different than yours.  So to all my friends out there garage sale-ing and selling “stuff” at garage sales – enjoy the fun of this late spring mid-west ritual and always remember, “one woman’s junk is another man’s treasure!”


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