First Day of School

It was the first day of school yesterday for my daughter, but many returned today as well.  I am trying to find myself this week.  Yes, I lost myself this past year.  Working on a Big Trip with our High School Band for over 2 years (can’t say tirelessly because it was very tiring), saw the release of my second book – The Good-to-Go cookbook – that was fun, and getting our son through his senior year of high school.  Yes, I am trying to find myself.  What am I really like, what do I like to do in my free time – what free time – I have free time?  What kind of book do I want to write next?  etc…

This past weekend was spent mourning the death of a fellow friend and high school student of my kids, today we buried him – not a good time to find “me” so tomorrow I will start and tonight I am Good-to-Go for dinner since my husband is picking up pizza on the way home for dinner.


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