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I have been feeling a little down and out this past week so a good friend came by and dropped off a beautiful bouquet of tulips; magenta with pure white centers and lovely spring green leaves.  They really lifted my spirits.  The weather here in Michigan is a bit fickle this time of year (60 degrees and sunny one day and 18 degrees and snowing the next…no joke!) so having the flowers in a vase that I can move around the house with me helps brighten my day.  I move it from my office to the kitchen to the laundry room, back to the kitchen and then back to the office.  Laugh if you want but this is all true and it works!

Here is a tip that I learned years ago when studied perennial gardening – cut tulips will stand straight up if you keep no more than 1″ of water in the bottom of the vase – making sure all stems are reaching the water.  Also, check the water level daily to insure the stems are always submerged.  Maybe you can go out this afternoon and pick-up a small bouquet of fresh tulips to brighten your day…or maybe someone elses!

sweet and saltie…kathleen


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